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Dear colleagues!
Dear pharmaceutical industry experts!

A pharmaceutical manufacturer must not suffer from production disruptions and equipment downtime, especially considering that they often cause the ready product to go to waste. The wait for an ordered replacement part may cause the manufacturing line to be down for as long as one or two weeks resulting in losses that may run into thousands of euros.

Our equipment enables the pharmacist to focus on what he does best, namely manufacturing quality products and developing new medicines.

We present you equipment by German producers, primarily that of the pharmaceutical packaging technology division of Robert Bosch GmbH. Operated two or three shifts a day, such equipment will work for 25 to 30 years at a minimum. The buyer will return to us only many years later when it's time to upgrade to a more productive line.

Our principle is this: a pharmaceutical manufacturer should not remember what type of equipment he uses on a daily basis. If he does, it means that the equipment constantly causes him trouble. He also must be certain that there is a company nearby whose specialists are always ready to offer assistance.

Best regards,
Artemy Kirpichnikov,
director general of PHARMTECH Group of Companies

PHARMTECH Group of Companies has been present on pharmaceutical equipment markets of Russia and CIS since 1997.

Our main line of business is delivering both new and used equipment for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, as well as replacement parts and consumables. PHARMTECH's experienced technical staff is trained in Germany on a regular basis and is more than capable of providing whole spectrum of services in part of equipment installation, supervision and commissioning, as well as personnel training.

PharmTechService has been established as part of PHARMTECH Group of Companies, our key goal is development of packaging materials and consumables business.

We offer high-quality products from leading international manufacturers. Our product line includes rubber stoppers, aluminum caps; Pyrex ampoules and vials; all types of molded glass packaging; plastic packaging components. Additionally, we deliver Merck Millipore and 3M Purification filters from our Moscow warehouse, as well as other auxiliary materials essential for any pharmaceutical production processes.

Being another part of PHARMTECH Group of Companies, TechnoTrade company deals with equipment, consumables and auxiliaries delivery from different manufacturers, including companies in China. Upon request we shall provide you with industrial clothing for clean rooms, sticky mats, metallic cassettes for ampoules and vials, rubber stoppers, aluminum caps, Pyrex ampoules and vials produced by Chinese manufacturers.

SUM (Packaging Manufactures of Sofrino) company can provide you with the following own production: PVC blister package for ampoules, vials, syringes and other pharmaceutical production; pelletized salt. We are currently implementing manufacturing processes for production of Pyrex vials, to find out more about that, please, check out our web-site at:


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