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    Universal Lines

    Bosch is your competent partner for filling liquid pharmaceuticals into ampoules, vials or ready-to-use syringes. A flexible and broadly designed range of machinery is available for processing parentals: cleaning, sterilisation, filling/sealing, ring coding, inspection, labeling and traying off: all processing steps can be achieved with several types of machines. This modular program can be used for producing the compact, economical lines to satisfy the most varied customer requirements.

    Components have been designed so that compact systems can be configured to match all conceivable installation requirements: U-shaped, L-shaped, linear installations.
    Equally, all possible clean-room concepts can be realised with Bosch systems.

    The Bosch clean room concepts:

  • Installation in a conventional clean room;
  • Machine construction in various wall-mounting forms;
  • Combination of the line with an AKASEPTIC clean room cabin;
  • Construction of the entire installation with isolator technology.
  • Machine sizes are defined (number of points, quantity of heating/cooling sections, conveyor belt width, quantity of filling points) depending on the specific factors and the desired output. Beyond the mere supply of the installation, Bosch offers its customers documentation for qualification and validation (DQV); this is considerably more cost advantageous than when customers produce it themselves. Large parts of the plant qualification can also be carried out by Bosch: drafting of Validation Master Plans, planning and implementation of FAT, calibration, DQ, IQ and OQ.

    DS =SiV= 2003.