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PHARMTECH Group is an official representative in Russia of Shanghai Tofflon Science and Technology which is a world’s biggest producer of freeze dryers, filling lines and other equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

We also represent interests of such companies as WEST PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES, Inc. a leading producer of rubber corks and aluminum caps for pharmaceutical industry, BINDER GmbH that produces capacitive equipment and tanks, NEWMAN that produces labeling machines, THUERINGER PHARMAGLASS producing flasks and ampoules, etc.

Introduction of the GMP standards makes Russian pharmaceutical producers pay more and more attention to reconstruction and instrumentation of production processes with modern high-tech equipment. That is why demand for services of those who offer such equipment is becoming more and more relevant.

Today Russian pharmaceutical equipment market is being overflowed with a great amount of foreign products. How do we manage this whirl of offers? Which one do we choose? It is understood that Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers would rather cooperate with the companies that proved themselves to be a reliable partner interested in long-term engagements.

PHARMTECH Group has been on pharmaceutical equipment market since 1997, and its establishment was triggered by critical need of Russian plants in constituent parts for foreign equipment. Initially it supplied only individual nods and spare parts, and after the 1998 crisis it engaged itself in supply, servicing and repair of ampoule and flask-producing equipment previously used and restored in Germany.

When Russian pharmaceutical industry started to reappear after the 1998 crisis, they received demands for more massive and modern equipment, both previously used and new. PHARMTECH Group was always eager to offer its partners the widest range of equipment for any needs and at any cost.

Besides supply of equipment and constituent parts thereto, our company is also engaged in assembling, servicing and repair of equipment. This service allows our customers to save considerable amount of money on service and repair since there is no need to attract expensive specialists from Germany. Servicing team improves its qualification at Robert Bosch GmbH plants and other companies in Germany.

Having been working for all these years in close contact with BOSCH, PHARMTECH Group gained recognition. Since May 2002 it became an official representative of the “Packing equipment” department of Robert Bosch GmbH Corporate Group in Russia. The choice is not random since pharmaceutical equipment produced by BOSCH has been long known in Russia since the USSR times where about 1000 units of various packing equipment that showed itself to good advantage was supplied from 1963 to 1989. It is interesting that today BOSCH is able to supply spare parts to the equipment that was abandoned long ago, while no foreign company can guarantee supply of spare parts beyond 10 years old, which proves that BOSCH is zealously struggling for maintenance of a reliable equipment supplier image.

Today a wide range of BOSCH equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries is offered to Russian manufacturers, namely capsule fillers, blister machines, cartoning machines, ampoule and flask washing equipment, sterilizing tunnels, ampoule filling and sealing machines, flask seaming equipment, equipment for insulin syringes and dental cartridges.

It is well understood that by working with BOSCH, FarmTech Company couldn’t but reach its potential partners that had long been selling complete sets of equipment as well, namely Newman, Bleymehl and others.

One more area of PHARMTECH Group business consists in supply of fermenters, reactors and reservoirs produced by BINDER GmbH located in Crailsheim where the main BOSCH plant is located as well.

Moreover, we have good experience in supplying TOFFLON spray-freeze dryers to Russia.

Taking into consideration demand for advanced technologies, our company offers equipment for nanotechnologies produced by an American company MICROFLUIDICS Inc.

Being a supplier of massive equipment, PharmTech couldn't but decide to offer Russian plants various consumable products as well, such as ampoules, flasks, and foreign stem glass. The Company imports ampoules produced by THURINGER PHARMAGLAS, Germany as well as caps, rubber corks, plungers for disposable syringes produced by WEST PHARMACEUTICALS.

The range of equipment and consumables offered by our Company is rather wide. Here you can find practically anything that a manufacturer needs for packaging of medicinal products or nutritional supplements.

Among our principal clients ordering equipment and spare parts there are pharmaceutical manufacturers from Russia and the CIS countries: OJSC "Pharmstandard-Ufavita", Research and Production Association "Virion", Research and Production Association "Biomed", Research and Production Association "Immunopreparat", State Unitary Enterprise on Production of Bacterial and Viral Preparations named after Chumakov, OJSC "Pharmak", MPHFO "Moschimpharmpreparaty", Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Endocrine Plant", CJSC "Bryntsalov À", Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Allergen", Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Armavirskaya Biofabrika", Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Stavropolskaya Biofabrika", Scientific and Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. Gamalei, “Unona” Holding, etc.

Furthermore, we have established contact with new pharmaceutical manufacturers that are particularly interested today in modern equipment. Procurement to "Evalar", "Petrovax", "Geropharm", "Generium", "Skopinpharm" and other new companies prove flexibility and good knowledge of PHARMTECH Group specialists of the Russian manufacturers’ problems. By helping them and by offering them new progressive technologies we ultimately help them to manufacture high quality products.

For more information please contact in Russia:
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