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Tofflon Equipment

Tofflon established in 1993, is the world's largest pharmaceutical freeze dryer manufacturer. The freeze dryers are manufactured according to cGMP guidelines and FDA recommendations, under an ISO9001 Quality Assurance System. Up to 2007, Tofflon has supplied more than 1200 freeze dryers to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry worldwide, including North America, Europe, South Asia, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa, and widely applied in the fields of bio-products (vaccine, blood plasma), herbs, antibiotics, healthcare foods and animal drugs, etc.

To strengthen our core competence, Tofflon is making important investment from advanced innovation, facility expansion to organization restructure. To ensure our local presence, Tofflon has established joint ventures and partnership with the top quality companies from USA, Europe and Japan, and has set up local offices and agencies all around the world. All contributes to offer our customers not only top quality freeze dryers but also complete global lyophilization solutions.

Supplies and Services

  • Laboratory freeze dryers (LYO-0.2 - 1 m2).
  • Pilot freeze dryers (LYO-2 ~ 5 m2).
  • Production freeze dryers (LYO-7.5- 20 m2).
  • Mass-production freeze dryers (LYO-2 5 ~ 50 m2).
  • Equipment Validation and Software Validation.
  • Strengths and Advantages

  • Whole-life dedication to lyophilization technology.
  • Experience... over 1,200 freeze dryers manufactured since 1993.
  • The largest and most modern freeze dryer manufacturing facility in the world.
  • Reliable, flexible and affordable technology.
  • Quicker response, faster delivery and longer service guarantee.
  • Locally-based sales and service.
  • Cost effective manufacturing and documentation.
  • Technology and Qualifications

  • cGMP guidelines and FDA compliance.
  • Pressure vessel compliance: GB 150-1998 / PED / ASME Code.
  • CE / GAMP4 / 21 CFR Part 11 Guidelines.
  • World-class, reliable and high quality components.
  • Eutectic Test Device / Vial Sampling Thief / Slot Door / Screw Compressor / LN2 Refrigeration System / Dry Pump.
  • CIP / SIP / WIT / CIP External System / Metered Dosing System.
  • For more information about Tofflon and its products, visit

    PHARMTECH Group is an exclusive representative in Russia. Contact person in Russia: Mrs. Valeria Zaitseva. e-mail:; phone: +7 (495) 940-84-11 ext. 117.

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