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Our partners

PHARMTECH Group is an official representative in Russia the next companies:

Shanghai Tofflon Science and Technology Co. Ltd. – freeze dryers, filling lines and other equipment
West – stoppers, caps, plungers and other packaging components
NEWMAN Labeling Systems – labeling equipment
Thueringer Pharmaglas GmbH & Co. KG – high quality tubular glass packaging for pharmaceutical industry, chemistry and laboratory
Farmmash – polymer stoppering facility

Moreover, “Pharm Tech” is marketing equipment and packaging materials of the next companies:

3M (Cuno) – filters, filter holders
Merck Millipore – filters equipment and materials
Laboratory of Cleanroom Garment «LAMSYSTEMS» – clean-room garment, medical garment, accessories
AMBEG Dr. J. Dichter GmbH – glass forming machines
BINDER GmbH – vessels and tanks
BLEYMEHL Reinraumtechnik GmbH – laminar flow equipment
CEPA – industrial centrifugues
Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics – polymer tubing and fittings
MARTIN SONTAG GmbH – cartridges

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