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    Filters, filter's holders and elements

    OOO "PharmTechService" is the official distributor of 3M (CUNO) and one of the six official Merck Millipore’s distributors of filters. 3M (CUNO) and Merck Millipore products are worldwide known to food, medicines and cosmetics manufacturers. These filters are successfully used in both laboratory researches and technological processes.

    3M (CUNO) products include filter cartridges, filter bags, metal and plastic holders, membranes, deep, stacked and regenerative filters, filter casings and industrial and domestic filtration systems. 3M (CUNO) is well-known to medicines and cosmetics manufacturers producing goods from injections to ointments of any viscosity, drinks, including the best French wines and cognacs, chemical products, high-quality paints and petroleum products, and other various liquids, compressed gases and air in various industries.

    For more information about 3M (Cuno) and its products, visit

    Merck Millipore offers filtration equipment and materials; equipment for monitoring the microbiological purity of liquids, air, surfaces; biopharmaceuticals sterility control systems; laboratory and industrial ultrafiltration and sterilizing systems; pure and ultrapure water producing systems; industrial chromatography systems; biotechnological processes scaling and validation.

    For more information about Merck Millipore and its products, visit

    We also offer hot stamp tape for marking of products.

    For purchase of these products please contact manager Olga Kamalova. e-mail:; phone: +7 (495) 940-84-11 ext. 107.

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