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Tofflon Equipment
Process Equipment
  • Newman -
    Labeling Machines
  • Ambeg -
    Glass Forming Machines
  • Bleymehl -
    Laminar Flow Equipment
  • Binder -
    Vessels and Tanks
  • Cepa -
    Industrial Centrifugues
  • Samtech -
    Extraction Systems
  • Crimpers for
    Vials Stoppering
  • Second Hand Equipment
    Packaging Materials and Consumables
    Clean-room Garment

    Process Equipment

    PHARMTECH Group represents in Russia and CIS countries following specialists in pharmaceutical process equipment supplies:

    NEWMAN Labeling Systems Labeling Machines
    AMBEG Dr. J. Dichter GmbH Glass Forming Machines
    BLEYMEHL Reinraumtechnik GmbH Laminar Flow Equipment
    BINDER GmbH Vessels and Tanks
    CEPA Industrial Centrifugues
    Samtech Extraction Systems
    And also, PHARMTECH Group is trading with special Fermpress Crimpers for vials and bottles stoppering
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