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    Stoppers and Caps

    West Pharmaceutical Services

    West Pharmaceutical Services is a leader in developing delivery systems that enhance the administration of pharmaceuticals. West has 32 manufacturing, 34 sales and 7 research and developing centers located in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America. West provides a wide range of services to the customers including projecting, producing and validating. West facilities have earned appropriate ISO certifications and they comply with applicable Current Good Manufacturing Practices. In addition, West’s facilities meet the standards for registration with the Food and Drug Administration and Drug Enforcement Agency as required. Each and every day, millions of West’s products are used around the world.

    Standard range of products:

    - injection stoppers
    - infusion stoppers
    - plungers
    - aluminum caps
    - combi caps
    - Flip Off Seals

    Today’s pharmaceutical and biotech discoveries lead to innovative new therapies that will become tomorrow’s health care solutions. West is at the forefront of advancing those therapies with delivery systems that enhance the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals.

    New development group:

    - Westar® Ready-to-Use and Ready-to-Sterilize components - a documented, validated process for preparing components
    - West NovaPure™ stoppers – high-quality components designed to meet current quality requirements for finished pharmaceuticals and achieve consistent specifications for subvisible particles in finished drug products
    - West Spectra™ seals - proprietary printing and embossing technology gives drug manufacturers multiple layers of protection
    - West FluroTec® barrier film - an effective barrier against organic and inorganic extractables to minimize interaction between the drug and the component
    - West Ready Pack™ system - ideal for pharmaceutical research and development and clinical work, Ready Pack offers convenient quantities of stoppers, seals and vials that are ready to use
    - West Flip-Off® seals - certified for bioburden and cleanliness, these industry-leading seals are designed for aseptic operations
    - InsoCap® closures - a high-performance, latex-free solution for blow/fill/seal operations for intravenous systems
    - West ConfiDose® auto-injector - an easy-to-use, safe and effective solution to at-home drug delivery issues
    - West NovaGuard™ Safety Needle System - an innovative solution to the problem of needle stick injuries
    - Daikyo Crystal Zenith® life-cycle containment solutions – bulk storage containers, vials, prefillable syringes and cartridges with properties hat are superior to glass
    - Safety and Administration Systems
    - MixJect® - the ideal solution for one-piece preparation of powder drugs to be reconstituted by a diluent prefilled syringe
    - Mix2Vial® - a dual-sided device that allows rapid transfer of the diluent into vacuum powder vials
    - Vial2Bag® - a needleless system that enables safe and convenient reconstitution and transfer of a drug between a vial or syringe and any solution-filled IV bag
    - Vial adapters - the perfect solution for quick and safe transfer from vials, allowing convenient, optimal quantity aspiration

    For more information about West and its products, visit

    PHARMTECH Group is an official representative in Russia. Contact person in Russia: Mrs. Ksenia Parshutina. e-mail:; phone: +7 (495) 993-64-59.


    Ukrainian company “Farmmash” is a producer of plastic packaging for pharmaceutical industry. “Farmmash” works in as close cooperation with ENGEL Austria GmbH, providing its customers with high quality products, having all the required certificates.

    For more information about “Farmmash” and its products, visit

    PHARMTECH Group is an official representative in Russia. Contact person in Russia: Mrs. Ksenia Parshutina. e-mail:; phone: +7 (495) 993-64-59.

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