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    Ambeg - Glass Forming Machines

    AMBEG, founded in 1926 in Berlin, is a leading manufacturer of machines for the production of primary packaging from tubular glass worldwide. Jakob Dichter, the outstanding inventor and founder of AMBEG, was the pioneer for the automation of ampoule and vial production. With the ampoule forming machine U3 and the vial forming machine RP he introduced revolutionary developments to the market. Today, with more than 4,000 machines sold to customers worldwide, AMBEG has signifcant experience and competence in the feld of glass forming machines.

    AMBEG is a third generation family business. Its 40 employees contribute with their skills and knowledge to innovation and customer focus. Machine design with modern 3D CAD workstations and the machine shop with CNC machine tools enable fast and fexible production of customer requirements. In addition to standard machines for the production of vials, syringe barrels and cartridges, AMBEG also offers custom machines according to specifed customer requirements. Upon request AMBEG delivers complete systems with integrated after-forming lines.

    Ambeg Products:

    Vial forminf machines RP 16, RP 20, RP 32, RP 50
    Syringe forming machines FS 16, FS 32
    Cartridge forming machines KM 28, KM 56
    Tube cutting machine RS 8
    Automatic tube feeders RZ, RLG
    Special glass forming machines.

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